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How to switch energy provider

Don’t think that you need to be tied to one energy provider for life. Switching is easy, and you’ll

Energy bills are typically the second biggest expense for a small business. And yet, only a small fraction of Britain’s small businesses shop around for a better deal. To put it simply, you could be losing out on hundreds, if not thousands of pounds, by not switching. So, follow this simple guide and start saving.

How long is left on your existing contract?

Most energy contracts run for 12 months or longer, so check your most recent bill to see when your contact expires. You may have to pay an ‘exit fee’ if you leave early, but the amount you’ll save could justify this.

Through XLN’s savings reminder service, you can tell us when your contract ends, and we’ll remind you when it’s time to switch and save.

Have you received a renewal letter?

If you’ve received a renewal letter from your existing supplier, the timing is perfect. There will be no exit fee – you’re free to shop for a better deal.

Do you know how much energy you use?

When it comes to switching, a new supplier will need your postcode – because energy costs differ regionally. It will also be useful to know your annual energy use in kWh. You should be able to get this from your annual statement, or simply by looking at your average monthly charges.

Is switching complicated?

Apparently, customers don’t often switch suppliers because they think the process is too complicated.
The truth is, switching suppliers is simple. It can be done over the phone or online, and your new supplier will do the rest – including informing your existing provider. All you need is the date your current contract ends and your meter number, both of which you’ll find on your most recent bill.
At XLN, cheaper energy couldn’t be easier. Our online form  takes less than a minute to fill out, or you can call and we’ll answer within three rings.

Are you in debt?

If you’re in debt to an existing supplier, this may need to be paid off before switching.

Are you a tenant?

If you pay your landlord for gas and electricity, the choice of switching providers may not be yours to make. Having said that, it’s worth informing your landlord about better deals – you may save them, and yourself, a lot of money.

How long does a switch take?

Switching usually takes somewhere between two and three weeks. And if you change your mind and wish to cancel, you’ll have 14 days to do so. After this point, you’ll probably be charged a fee.

Ready to save money on your energy bills? Go to for a simple, hassle-free switch.

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