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Sales and Marketing

Independent traders will charge more for goods in 2017

Weak pound forces businesses to raise prices

New study reveals the impact Brexit is already having on independent businesses

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Building Blocks

Ross Gunning on how XLN made his dream come true

Ross Gunning explains how XLN helped him realise his dream

XLN Founder and CEO Christian Nellemann changed this young entrepreneur's life

Building Blocks

Farmer's tractor

Farmer builds DIY broadband network

Fed up of waiting for faster broadband? So was Christine...

Building Blocks

Renewable energy

Small businesses against global warming

Is your business 'green'? Research says small businesses are taking climate change seriously

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What does the National Living Wage mean for small businesses?

Big changes are afoot for the wage bills of the UK's small business community

Sales and Marketing


Business branding on a budget

Branding can make or break your business, so it's vital that you get it spot on.


Meeting in coffee shop

Small business recruitment tips

Need staff but on a limited budget? Follow these top tips


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Pink coloured pay phone

Consumers turn to CEOs for answers

Why are consumers complaining directly to CEOs? Good customer service isn't rocket science.

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2016 UK Customer Experience Award winners!

Another award for the cabinet on our mission to making things better for small business

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BT and Openreach finally about to split

Are BT and Openreach finally about to part ways?

Is the latest attack by ISPs Sky and TalkTalk the straw to break the camel's back?

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