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written by
Max White

What is it like being a small business pharmacist in 2017?

Shinali runs Sefgrove Pharmacy – a family run business founded by her mum and dad in 1976.

Like so many other business owners, Shinali worries that her business won’t survive. Huge NHS cuts are making running a pharmacy even tougher for health care professionals. Local communities all over the UK rely on their nearby pharmacist for their subscriptions and expert medical advice.

This is Shinali’s story.

The series

The small business owners of the UK are hardworking people. They don’t sleep and they rarely see their families. But unfortunately, things aren’t getting any easier for them. Rising business rates and mounting pressure from online retailers threaten to close longstanding businesses down.

That's why this series is all about them.

It’s a small business exclusive that shines a light on the unsung heroes of the UK. The superheroes on every high street in every British village, town and city.

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For more top tips and business advice from Shinali, just go to our YouTube channel.

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