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In the Spotlight: Sales Team Leader Harrison

The beauty of a new career at XLN is that you don’t have to have any prior knowledge or experience in the industry as explained by Sales Team Leader Harrison Gill. We spoke to Harrison to delve into his life at XLN and find out how he successfully rose to a leadership role from previously having no background in sales.

What is your current position at XLN?

My current position is Sales Team leader. I started in October 2022 as a Sales Agent and got promoted midway through January after four months as an Agent.

What work experience did you have prior to this role and how has XLN supported your skills and growth?

Prior to starting this role, I had absolutely no sales experience and had never worked in an office job. I have worked in mainly customer-facing roles as the majority of jobs I had were based in hospitality. A lot of the skills there were very transferrable such as dealing with new people and interacting with customers on a daily basis. XLN helped develop my sales technique as having no experience I started from scratch, so they supported my personal development through regular training sessions. I also said that I would love to progress, and they supported this from the start, outlining exactly what’s needed to progress in the business. This definitely helped motivate me and helped me achieve my promotion in January.

What do you most like about working at XLN and how would you describe the people and the energy in your work environment?

The working environment is very energetic, and I think this also leads to having a good relationship with everyone else on the floor. The majority of people (myself included) get into the office early to set up for the day to ensure we are prepared and ready to give 100%. The people are all very similar minded which helps to build a good working relationship.

What key values do you uphold in your role?

• Persistence

• Confidence

• Resilience

Can you share an interesting fact about yourself?

I graduated from Sheffield Hallam University only last year.

Would you recommend XLN to those searching for a new career or looking to expand their work experience? If yes, why? What would they benefit from working at XLN?

Yes! It is a rewarding job and performance and progression is directly impacted by how much work you put in. It helps with resilience as well as a lot of the job is getting a lot of ”No’s” and the occasional “Yes”.

What is something you are most proud of having achieved during your time at XLN?

I’m most proud of getting promoted as it took a lot of hard work to get here.

Do you have some valuable advice to share with newcomers or those interested in applying for a role at XLN?

My most valuable advice is to stick it out. If you haven’t done sales before it is a completely new skill and does take some time to refine your skills and learn to sell in your own way, but once that happens it’s worth the wait.

Did you know XLN is part of Daisy Communications, the number one telecoms provider to work for as ranked by Best Companies? There are plenty of opportunities to join us whether you’re interested in sales or perhaps even an entirely new role. You can view Daisy’s job vacancies here and XLN’s here.

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