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Our new and improved recommends programme

Turn your XLN account into a money maker

We’ve completely revamped our recommends programme for XLN customers, and implemented a process that allows you to earn more than ever before – with a minimum of fuss.

You now get £50 for every small business you successfuly refer to XLN – and they get £50 too. Better still, we’ve made referring faster and easier.

Paint your high street XLN blue

We’ve made it possible to make multiple referrals to your business owner friends in just one click.

If you log in to MyAccount and head to the recommends section, you can now share your own unique referral link via social media, text, whatsapp or email.

There’s no limit on the number of times you can share your link, nor is there any limit on the number of rewards you can earn. So, if your friends start clicking your link, you could effectively make hundreds of pounds with one share.

We’ve also added an option that’s unique in our industry by allowing you to share your link with fellow businesses in your local area. In just one click, you can help your high street save and earn rewards for every successful referral.

Log in to MyAccount and start sharing!

You can start referring straight away and find out more by logging in to XLN MyAccount here (if you haven’t registered yet, you can do so at this same link):

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