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50% of businesses say card transaction rates have increased

Jack Stratten

Our survey reveals that small businesses are overpaying on card processing

Our nationwide card payment survey has revealed that nearly 50% of small businesses have seen the card transaction rates from their providers increase over the last five years.

Unsurprisingly, around 70% also suggest they're considering switching provider.

These headline findings collected in our far-reaching survey provide a fascinating insight into the state of the card payment industry for small businesses.

Growing appreciation for the importance of card

With the availability of cash declining, our survey confirmed a growing awareness among small businesses of how important taking card payments is.

77% of customers recognised the main benefit of taking card payments as consumer demand. Interestingly, a further 57% also recognised that cards were an 'easier way to take payments'.

A further 50% rated card payments as 'extremely important' for their business, and 32% suggested it was 'very important'.

Security is key

Card security was named as the most important feature when choosing a solution by all our audience groups. This too was an interesting insight into what matters most to small businesses.

Additonally, 66% of customers said that 'savings' are the single biggest motivator when it comes to switching. And surprisingly perhaps, some 75% of businesses who don't currently take card still have no intention of taking card payments in the future.

Are you in the 50% suffering from spiralling transaction rates? Get in touch

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For those of you who have seen your transaction rates rise over recent years, that could make a big difference. Ultimately, it means you'll save every time your customers spend.

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