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BT charging customers to talk to UK-based staff

Jack Stratten

It's a new low for the telecoms giant

It's recently come to light that BT charge customers extra to talk to UK-based service staff, rather than those based abroad.

If customers want guaranteed access to UK-based support, they must sign up to a premium package - which start at £61.99 a month.

Basic service as a 'perk'

The concern for BT's nearly 30 million customers is how this practice is making basic customer service seem like a special perk. And those customers who pay for that perk by purchasing a premium package will typically still face plenty of time on hold.

It also creates a dangerous 'two-tier' system in which only those who can afford the most expensive packages get access to the best service.

At XLN, we're strongly opposed to this kind of service approach. Our 3-ring promise - a committment to answering all calls inside 3 rings, from UK-based call centres - is a promise to all customers, whichever package they choose. And this approach recently saw us win 'Best Telecoms Company' at the 2019 CXAs. Funnily enough, BT were one of the finalists we beat.

So if you're a small business that thinks, like us, that everyone deserves great customer service, it might be time to switch.