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BT's raising its prices - again

Oliver Jones

BT will be raising monthly fees for phone and broadband for the second time this year.

BT’s announced a new round of price hikes for its millions of phone, broadband and fibre customers, and will be in touch by email and post over the next month to confirm the new rates.

If you’re a BT customer, you’ll be given a minimum of 30 days’ notice, and you’ll have a small window within which you can switch providers without paying any cancellation penalties.

Starting 16th of September, this is the second BT price rise this year, and the fifth in less than four years. It comes amid shareholder revolts over executive pay, and with the departure of BT’s CEO, Gavin Patterson.

What we know

While BT have yet to release a full list of price changes, small business customers can refer to their latest pricing update, which shows fees rising across the board on BT’s broadband, phone and fibre products.

If you miss your penalty-free switching window, cancellation fees will amount to £8.50 for every month left on your contract.

How to avoid the hikes

BT will be trying to recoup some of the years’ share price losses with these latest hikes, depending on its millions of customers simply ignoring the switch and paying more.

If you’re a small business customer, XLN offers phone, broadband and fibre deals, which range from £25 to £468 cheaper than their BT equivalents.

  • Phone: An XLN landline with unlimited calls is £132 cheaper than BT’s equivalent.
  • Broadband: XLN’s standard broadband package is £215 cheaper than BT over the contract’s duration.
  • Fibre: Our best fibre deal is £444 cheaper than BT’s, and comes with free public Wi-Fi.