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Calls for broadband speeds to be made available on comparison sites

Max White

Unhappy with the speed of your broadband? Finding the fastest broadband could be getting easier.

The Local Government Association (LGA) is calling for a comparison site which gives UK consumers accurate data on broadband speeds.

They claim that finding out broadband speeds for individual UK households or properties is too difficult.

Providing broadband to small businesses is what we do at XLN. So making sure you’re able to find the fastest internet for you and your business is important to us too.

Estimate speeds

At the moment consumers can only look up estimated broadband speeds in their approximate area. The LGA says that estimate speeds covering hundreds of homes aren’t good enough and can result in much slower broadband speeds for some households.

They’d like internet service providers to give accurate data to a single website which consumers can use to benchmark broadband speeds.

Making shopping around easier

Comparison sites now play a big part in the way UK consumers shop around to get the best deals. Car insurance and energy provision in particular are now completely synonymous with comparison sites.

Sites like uSwitch and Trivago will use market data and sophisticated algorithms to show consumers the best deals for them based on the data provided by the customer.

Ultimately, they exist to make sure UK consumers are getting the best deals on the services they buy. And the LGA believes that broadband and the speed offered by suppliers should be comparable online too.

The Digital Economy Bill

Obtaining more accurate data on broadband speeds is a direct ask of the Digital Economy Bill, which is due to get its second reading in Parliament on Tuesday (20 September).

The LGA is supporting the Bill, which gives Ofcom powers to demand better data on broadband speed.

Check your business broadband speed

We recognise the importance of being open and transparent about the speeds you can expect from your broadband.

That’s why we’ve created a handy broadband speed checker.

Find out how fast your broadband is, whether you could get fibre for your business and what the best internet connection actually is in your area.