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Google Hire is coming and it could be the new best way to grow your team

Oliver Jones

Google just stepped into LinkedIn's territory with the release of its new hiring platform

Google Hire’s coming, and it could be the best new way to grow your team

Google recently intruded into traditional LinkedIn territory with the release of a new hiring platform, Google Hire. The new platform will allow employers to search by skill and location, rather than exact job title.

And because it’s Google, candidates will be ranked by Google algorithms, which will attempt to place the people most suitable for the role highest in its search listings.

Early users report that the app has massively boosted their pool of potential candidates, and has sped up the process considerably, though it’s still missing some key features.

Where can I get it?

Google Hire is a rare instance of a Big 4 tech company creating a product which is specifically small-business oriented.

It won’t be available to companies with over 1000 employees – and in any case, it’s been designed specifically for small to mid-sized businesses, which are less likely to be outsourcing their hires to recruitment agencies.

But before you get too excited, note that Hire is only available to companies in the US, with no set date for the UK release – that probably depends on the popularity of the software.

What can it do?

As with all new Google apps, Hire will sync with the rest of the Google Suite, making it automatically integrated with Gmail, Google Calendars, and Google Drive.

In other words, the whole recruitment process can be moved onto Google – with an employee identified on Google Drive, invitations sent through Gmail, interviews blocked out on the Google Calendar and CVs and cover letters stored as Google Docs.

But its most intriguing feature has got to be its search function, which will use data from an employers’ hiring history to try and judge a recruiter’s intent, and suggest good candidates.

As with everything Google, the platform will learn from its users and try to increase the success rate of the hiring process. So you can expect the use of Hire to make recruiting that bit easier.

How much does it cost?

Unlike most of the other Google apps, Google Hire comes at a cost. Pricing will depend on the size of the organisation, and starts at $100 a month.

Given that many small businesses don’t hire all that frequently, it’s not a price tag everyone will be willing to pay. But given that the average cost for making a new hire is over £1000, even for a small firm, the Google Hire price tag feels like small change.

Our verdict

For small businesses looking at making their first, tentative hires, it might be worth learning a bit about the hiring process before splashing out on Google Hire when it’s released in the UK.

But if you’re a veteran candidate-hunter keen to improve and streamline your whole search process, it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for updates.