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Half of UK B&B owners say 'yes' to Brexit

Charlotte Harwood

With the EU referendum approaching, half of small hospitality businesses are saying 'yes' to Brexit.

June 23rd is an important date for the UK. It’s the day that Britain’s future is decided; the day that our social, political and economic outlook potentially takes a different route; the day that we choose whether or not to leave the European Union.

There’s plenty of doom-mongering from the ‘no’ party and positivity aplenty from the ‘yes’ camp, but with such an important decision at stake it’s a critical decision to make – and it seems growing numbers of small businesses are leaning towards the so-called Brexit.

‘Yes’ to Brexit gaining momentum

A recent survey of over 1,000 people suggests that while there is still a great deal of confusion surrounding the referendum, UK businesses in the small hotel and independent accommodation sector have largely made up their minds: 49% say they’re ‘strongly in favour’ of the UK leaving the EU.

Of the 1,050 small business owners surveyed, another 13% are either undecided or don’t care either way, with the remaining 38% in favour of staying in the EU. But when we look at the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ numbers in isolation, the percentage of those in favour of Brexit jumps to a whopping 57%.

Stay or leave?

There are plenty of pros and cons floating around, but as of yet no one has come out with a definite answer to how Brexit will or won’t transform the UK, and whether or not the result of the referendum will have any impact on the UK at all.

Economic considerations lead the way on both sides, with both the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ camps citing economic strength as their top reason to leave and stay respectively. Confused? So are most people.

But among some of the reasons given by those small business owners voting in favour of Brexit, the prospect of less red tape for UK businesses is one that helps strengthen the ‘yes’ argument. That means more freedom for small British businesses – something that can only be seen as a good thing.

Results by location

It’s not just the thought of fewer business restrictions that’s helping people decide the future of Britain; seems location is an influencing factor too. The survey found that business owners of properties in seaside locations were the most likely to vote ‘yes’, with 58% in favour of leaving the EU. In the remaining location categories (rural and urban), business owners were also firmly in the pro-Brexit camp.

With the majority leaning towards a ‘yes’ vote and a few months still to go, keep an eye on the Biz Hub for all the latest on Brexit as we get closer to the EU referendum.