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Lockdown update: what's changing on 19th July?

Jack Stratten

An update on the reopening schedule

Despite rising infection rates and some anxiety across the UK, it's been confirmed that England will end all Covid-19 restrictions on 19th July. But in all the confusion and changes we've faced during the pandemic, many small businesses are scratching their heads about what's actually changing on 19th July.

So, here's a quick summary of what may be the last phase of reopening:

Social distancing ends

Most limits on social distancing in businesses will end, and there will no longer be a limit on how many people can meet. Furthermore, masks will no longer be required by law - although some businesses and sectors are choosing to demand mask-wearing.

Event restrictions lifted

Nightclubs will open once again. Theatres and cinemas will also be allowed to operate at full capacity.

Additionally, there will be no limit on weddings or funerals, but large events are encouraged to use Covid-certification to limit the spread of the virus.

Table-service only ends

Pubs and restaurants will no longer be forced to serve customers by table service exclusively.

Travel and offices

Under-18s and fully vaccinated adults will no longer have to self-isolate after visiting amber-listed countries. Furthermore, people working from home will be encouraged to gradually return to offices.

Freedom - with caution

It should also be noted that although restrictions are lifting, the government has been keen to encourage people and businesses to err on the side of caution from 19th July.

Customers will remain nervous for some time - and as a business, showing that you're still focused on their safety and wellbeing will be really beneficial.