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PCI compliance updates: time to update your operating system

Jack Stratten

Security updates being made to ecommerce sites could affect your ability to access them...

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards currently in place to ensure online buying remains safe and secure for customers and businesses are about to be updated.

By 30 June, any business that processes payments online must move their encryption to TLS 1.1. To the uninitiated (which is probably most of us) that doesn’t mean much. But in essence, it’s an IT update that businesses must make, and users must be aware of.

And for our customers - users and ecommerce businesses alike - we wanted to issue an important warning.

If you’re using an old web browser, some websites may become inaccessible

Although most of us update our operating systems – if not the computers themselves – fairly regularly, there are many people who still use legacy systems.

Using these older browsers for accessing the internet hasn’t been too much of an issue historically, but from 30 June, that will change. The PCI updates that businesses are obliged to make will render their websites inaccessible to older browsers.

In short, if you’re using an old operating system or browser, some websites won't work. So it's time to ensure you're up to date.

What to do if you’re an ecommerce business

As a business that processes payments online, the PCI upgrades should be something you’re prepared for. If not, it’s important that you look into it as a matter of urgency.

Similarly, you should contact your customers to ensure they are moving on from legacy systems so that they can continue to access your website.

For more information, a thorough guide is available on the official PCI website.