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XLN first TalkTalk partner to deliver ultrafast FTTP Broadband

Jack Stratten

A few lucky XLN customers are enjoying lightning-fast speeds...

We're delighted to announce that XLN is the first partner of TalkTalk Business to trial brand new Ultrafast FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) Broadband with a select group of customers.

This breakthrough internet service can currently deliver speeds of up to 110Mb/s - but in the future, that could climb to a whopping 300Mb/s.

XLN's trailblazing first FTTP customers

This technology is currently running on a trial period, and a handful of lucky XLN customers are enjoying it at no extra charge. Assuming it runs successfully, it's hoped that FTTP can be offered to many more customers in the future.

FTTP is revolutionary because unlike 'traditional' fibre it's carried all the way to your business directly - and not just the nearest cabinet. That adds a lot of speed to your connection. It's the fastest and most stable connection currently available on the market.

It's also known as 'full fibre' and ensures fewer drop-outs - which are one of the biggest problems with standard broadband and fibre.

XLN is way ahead of other TalkTalk partners in delivering this trial, which is testament to the efficiency of our customer service team and our commitment to providing the very best products.