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XLN is on the radio!

Jack Stratten

Find out more about our upcoming radio campaign on LBC

We're delighted to announce that over the next couple of months you’ll hear a series of passionate adverts recorded by XLN's CEO Christian Nellemann on LBC radio every weekday morning.

As a highly credible talk and phone-in station with a loyal following, it’s an ideal platform for us to reach the kind of people who can really benefit from our services.

Simple adverts that reflect our powerful principles

As you’ll hear, these adverts are fluff-free, just like our business. There are no marketing stunts or colourful gimmicks – we leave those for our corporate competitors to use on TV. These adverts simply communicate what we’re all about: understanding small businesses, saving them money and providing the very best service to boot.

Behind-the-scenes video

Here’s a short video taken during the recording of the adverts. Watch and share:

Listen to the adverts

Tune in to LBC digitally or on 97.3 FM on weekday mornings to hear the adverts, or listen to them below:

The campaign will be airing over the next 12 weeks. Spread the word and help us to reach hard-working small businesses all over Britain.