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XLN Wi-Fi in numbers

Jack Stratten

The stats that show how big our little network has become!

XLN Wi-Fi was launched in 2016, giving XLN Broadband and Fibre customers the chance to offer free public Wi-Fi to their customers. It's been a runaway success since then, and remains by far the most affordable way for small businesses to provide a guest Wi-Fi service.

Here are some of the numbers that reflect just how far we've come:

4 Million

We now have more than 4 million registered users across our network. That's 4 million people who've logged in with small, independent businesses and not retail giants.

22 minutes

The average XLN Wi-Fi user now spends around 22 minutes online per session. More time online means more time with you.


Around 100,000 new XLN public Wi-Fi users are added every month. We'll hit 5 million in no time.

2 million

On average, we record 2 million Wi-Fi sessions across our network every month - which is around 180 sessions for every small business who has XLN Public Wi-Fi.


Our network has around 20,000 hotspots, meaning we have small businesses connected on almost every high street and in every corner of the UK.

80 million

Our network processes nearly 80 million MB of data every month. And that saves users a lot of their own data.


77% of customers are more likely to visit businesses that offer free Wi-Fi. That's why our network is growing - and that's why our small business customers are reaping the benefits.

Interested in joining XLN Wi-Fi?

If you're an existing XLN customer, adding Guest Wi-Fi couldn't be easier - just give us a call and we can set you up using your existing router. There's no additional tech, set-up or engineering visits.

And if you aren't with XLN, check out our latest fibre deals. XLN Wi-Fi is available as a low-cost add-on, and your superfast speeds will ensure you and your customers get the best possible connection at all times.

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