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2 years, 2.9 million users

Oliver Jones

Since launch, we've connected almost 3 million users to over 24,000 hotspots across the UK

Two years ago, free public Wi-Fi was an expensive and untested proposition for small businesses. Operators like The Cloud were charging almost £1000 pounds per year for the service.

We decided to host it for free.

In the two short years since launching XLN Wi-Fi, we've connected almost 3 million users to over 24,000 hotspots all across the UK.

We’re now the biggest free public network in the country, with more and more people connecting to us every day.

We host 1.2 million XLN Wi-Fi sessions each month.

With an average session length of 27 minutes, that equals 60,000 hours of surfing every month in our customers’ shops, bars, offices and restaurants.

We’ve drastically increased the amount of customer face-time our small business customers get, helping them make more sales and win over a more loyal clientele.

Business-boosting benefits

Our own research has found that customers are 77% more likely to visit businesses that offer free Wi-Fi, and 68% of them are prepared to visit again in future.

That’s in addition to separate research, which shows that free Wi-Fi means your customers spend more and are more likely to choose you over your competitors.

Think this could be right for you?

If you’re still not enjoying the benefits of our free Wi-Fi service, we’re happy to arrange it as an add-on for companies we think stand to benefit.

XLN Wi-Fi is free for 6 months with our Fibre packages, and is provisioned by one of the most trusted public Wi-Fi providers in the country.

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