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Bringing free Wi-Fi to the coffee nation

Max White

Helping coffee shop owners under pressure to offer free Wi-Fi

Being able to connect to a coffee shop's broadband has gone from being a complimentary gift to a commodity of absolute necessity for the modern day consumer.

But a new BBC report has revealed that smaller coffee shops in the UK are divided over the expectation on them to offer free Wi-Fi. One café owner in the report said: “I have to be careful not to be seen as a virtual office. Because I can’t pay that, I can’t afford that.”

But he needn’t worry, because XLN has a completely free solution that’s designed for independent small businesses just like his...

The norm

The number of people working remotely is on the rise, which means lots of us are turning cafes into an office-away-from-the-office.

And if you’re a café owner, it’s not just the workaholics that will want your Wi-Fi password. Whether it’s booking a train home after a long day shopping, uploading photos from the night before or just checking the footie scores, almost all of your customers will want to be connected.

Big franchises like Starbucks and Costa offer free Wi-Fi in all of their stores, which only piles even more pressure onto smaller independent businesses to get Wi-Fi enabled.

So if you’re a café owner not yet offering free Wi-Fi, listen up...

Connecting the coffee nation

XLN is giving small businesses the ability to offer their customers free Wi-Fi, at no cost to the business owner.

The aim is to establish the UK’s biggest Wi-Fi network for small businesses. There are already 2,000 small businesses switched on and providing free XLN Wi-Fi, with 15,000 to be set up soon.

What’s more, because the free public Wi-Fi is activated remotely using the café’s existing router and equipment, there’s no need to wait for an engineer or pay any call out fees.

XLN Founder and CEO Christian Nellemann, said: ‘We’re going to create the single biggest small business Wi-Fi network in the UK, and we’re going to Wi-Fi enable every British high street – it’s as simple as that. This will give customers more reasons to choose small, independent businesses over corporate giants, and that means more support for independent high streets as a whole. For anyone that cares about their local high street, this is massive.’

To find out more about getting free Wi-Fi for your customers, just go to our website: