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Jack Stratten

Introducing a new loyalty programme for local businesses

High street businesses have undergone a very challenging 2020. With the ongoing uncertainty, they need new ways to get more customers through the door and keep them coming back. But there’s some good news on the horizon.

Introducing High Street Loyal

Supported by Visa, High Street Loyal is a new community loyalty programme that will launch in the new year with one key aim: to encourage customers to keep supporting their local businesses.

High Street Rewards is open to local businesses with premises open to the public – shops and cafes, restaurants and pubs, beauticians, hairdressers, grocers and many more.

How it Works

Joining is free and very easy for businesses. There are no set up fees, no charge for marketing, no new technology to find room for and no staff training required. Once you’re set up with a few simple details, everything happens automatically to reward your customers on their purchases.

For customers it’s even easier. They simply join online and every time they pay with their registered Visa card, they earn points into their High Street Loyal account.

Spending High Street Points is automatic as well: customers select a participating local business and getinstant cashback on their Visa card the next time they make a purchase.

The new programme rewards customers for supporting their local high street.

And every time they buy from a participating business, they’ll receive an instant SMS message confirming their points and thanking them personally for their loyalty.

Here at XLN we are proud to partner with High Street Loyal and we will be working to ensure a successful launch in London in Q1 and a rapid expansion across the UK.

For more information and to find out how to join, visit