Small Business Advice

The high street will recover - here's how to get ready

Jack Stratten

Looking ahead to business recovery

While there are still difficult times ahead, the growing interest amongst consumers to support their local businesses offers welcome encouragement to high street independents.

What’s happening is that the impact of working from home has meant more people are getting to know and appreciate their local shops and businesses. This trend is likely to continue, and independent businesses who are able to hold their own in the weeks ahead may well be able to turn this growing local high street support to their advantage.

Marketing + Loyalty

This spring XLN is offering a new high street loyalty programme, supported by Visa, that gives customers even more incentive to support local businesses.

Merchants join for free and are set up with a digital shopfront for marketing the programme.

There are no set up fees, no charges for marketing, no new technology to find room for and no staff training required. Once you’re set up with a few simple details, everything happens automatically to reward and thank your customers for their purchases.

It’s easy for customers to show their support for the high street

Customers will simply join the loyalty programme online and every time they pay a participating business with their registered Visa card, they will earn High Street Points.

They can then spend their points at any business and get cash back on their Visa automatically. And every time they buy from a participating business, they’ll receive an instant SMS message confirming their points and thanking them personally for their loyalty.

Interested merchants can pre-register now

Pre-registration is open now for merchants interested in joining. XLN will set you up on the loyalty platform at a time that’s convenient for you. And, as soon as the high street is back and open for business, you’ll be ready to automatically connect with your customers and thank them for their support.

Plus, as a recovery welcome, the High Street Points you award will be absolutely free for the entire first month! Visit to pre-register.

At XLN we are throwing our support behind this new high street loyalty initiative. We believe it’s a great way for local businesses to get customers through the door – and keep them coming back.