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Starting a business in Cambridge

There’s more to Cambridge than the world-renowned university and abundance of smart people

Think of Cambridge and your first thought is probably of its world-renowned university and abundance of smart people – but there’s more to this riverside city than that.

With a population of 126,500, Cambridge may be small but its reputation for cutting-edge technology precedes it. Science and tech start-ups and small businesses can benefit from the city’s strong business links to the University, which provides top-notch support and the very best facilities around.

Work with the University

Unsurprisingly, businesses in Cambridge have little difficulty finding high-quality recruits given the city’s high number of qualified residents. In 2012 alone, 65% of the working age population of Cambridge had NVQ Level 4 qualifications and above – one of the highest rates in the country.

It’s not just a skilled workforce that makes Cambridge great for businesses. The University also provides beneficial services like recruitment, work placements, and research collaboration opportunities. There are few places in the country that can offer the chance to forge world-class partnerships in science and tech, and small businesses in Cambridge that take advantage of this can really take it to the next level.

Support for scientific excellence

Cambridge is known for its scientific excellence, and as such is home to the Cambridge Science Park, the oldest science-focused centre for research and development in the UK. Businesses operating out of the park range from bioscience to computing, while the centre also provides specialist business services and incubation for early-stage knowledge-based companies through St John’s Innovation Centre.

The city’s tech start-up scene has given rise to a number of angel investor networks, offering a financial boost to small businesses in specialist technology and research-based industries. Cambridge Angels, in particular, make investments of up to £1m and focuses on science, software and biotech businesses. The network is also closely linked to the University, making the route to building connections with the institution all the more convenient.

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