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Starting a business in Swansea

Swansea’s growing reputation for business innovation is making it a centre for start-ups

Located on the south coast of Wales, Swansea is a popular area for tourists thanks to its harbourside charm and long stretches of sandy beaches. But in recent years, it’s also established itself as an emerging hub for small businesses looking for an alternative to the capital.

An alternative to the capital

With a population of 240,332, Swansea is the second largest Welsh city after Cardiff – and it’s fast becoming the go-to destination for culture, retail and enterprise in Wales. And since Cardiff is less than an hour away, Swansea benefits from all the same resources as the capital, and is the ideal spot for commuters looking to branch out.

As well as making a name for itself in business, Swansea boasts a fantastic quality of life that you’d be pushed to find in many other cities. Its seaside location and tradition for maritime trade make it the ideal place to do business outside of the capital, giving you an enviable balance of city and country life.

A centre for startups

Swansea has developed a reputation for business innovation in recent years, and with leading companies like TechHub opening offices in the city it’s quickly become a centre for startups. As the name suggests, TechHub focuses on technology businesses, offering workspace to start-ups and the chance to collaborate with and learn from fellow entrepreneurs and established businesses.

Swansea waterfront houses two Technium centres, which offer space and support to science and technology businesses. Companies based at the centres can also benefit from the opportunity to network with leading businesses and academics, which is a great chance to gain some serious business credentials at an early stage.

Access to talent

With two universities, Swansea University and the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Swansea has easy access to a vast talent pool. Swansea University in particular works with local businesses to provide technical support and training opportunities, and provides the market with a fresh batch of skilled graduates every year. And because of the quality of life in the local area, a large proportion of those graduates stay in Swansea to work.

Getting connected

Broadband connectivity in Swansea is being pushed continuously thanks to the city’s ambition to become one of the UK’s most connected locations. Public sector demand on the current system has called for an improvement to the broadband infrastructure, and Swansea has been proactive in rolling out a superfast connection across the city – with businesses being the top priority.

Get in touch

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