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Start travelling carbon neutral with Goodwings

Jack Stratten

A quick guide to our new partnership with net-zero travel bookings platform Goodwings

We’re delighted to announce the official launch of our partnership with Goodwings – a hotel booking platform that removes carbon emissions from every aspect of a businesstrip.

It’s the simplest way of reducing your carbon footprint – and thanks to this partnership, it’s now exclusively available to XLN customers free for a year.

Simple travel booking for the climate-conscious

Goodwings is a major travel booking platform like any other – you use it to organise accommodation anywhere and everywhere. However, there's a significant added benefit to what they offer.

With no extra effort on your part, you get to offset the carbon accumulated on your trip simply by making a booking.

Goodwings is aiming to turn 1 billion trips Net Zero by 2030, and its partnership with XLN customers is one of many that will help to achieve that goal.

Another step on our sustainability journey

This partnership has been forged by our founder Christian Nellemann, whose passion for fighting the climate crisis has seen XLN launch several ambitious eco-initiatives over the last year.

As he himself puts it:

“The biggest contribution a small business can make to fighting the climate crisis is travelling net zero. Proudly, our partnership with Goodwings empowers our small business customers to do exactly that, in the simplest possible way. And this underlines the importance of partnerships in fighting the climate crisis. This partnership allows Goodwings, XLN and our vast network of small business customers to do far more to tackle the crisis than we would ever do alone.”

Start travelling net zero today

To set up your account and start planning trips, head to the dedicated Goodwings page for XLN customers here:

You’ll get your first year free, and there’s no credit card required for sign-up.