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5 simple ways to make your business greener

What better time to go green than on World Environment Day?

Operating in a more environmentally friendly way is becoming increasingly vital – and not just for the future of our planet. Customers care more than ever that the companies they deal with are green, so the effect on your bottom line is starting to become a factior too.

But research has found that nearly a third of UK businesses (31%) aren’t taking measures to make their office space greener. The same study found that nearly half (49%) of business owners spend over £1,000 on energy a month, 7% spend over £2,000 each month and 21% have no idea how much they pay for their energy bills.

The fact is that going greener can cut your energy emissions and save you money. The common misconception is that being environmentally friendly is expensive – but it doesn’t need to be. Here are 5 ways you can help save the planet without breaking the bank:

1. Recycle

In 2018, the UK’s recycling rate was 44.1%, which is significantly worse than the EU’s rate of more than 47%. There simply is no excuse as a business for not co-ordinating recycling and encouraging employees to join in. Information on what you can recycle, how much it will cost and how to go about it can be found on the Recycle Now website.

2. Travel green

The benefits of getting to and from work in a more eco-friendly way extend beyond just reducing emissions. Cycling will keep you fit, get you outdoors and save you money. Riding the bus will again save you money, but you’ll also be able to get back into reading. Lift share programmes are springing up all over the place nowadays. Meet new people riding with strangers or get to know your staff a little better by alternating driving days with a member of your team

3. Close, switch and change

Closing windows or doors when your air conditioning or heating is on will save you money. Switching off computers, lights or any other electronic device when they aren’t needed will save you money and cut down on the energy you’re using. Then, think about changing your lightbulbs to LED energy saving bulbs. Make sure to look out for the energy efficiency labels found on certified low emission products when you’re choosing your bulbs.

4. Get a smart meter

With a smart meter you can clearly see how much energy you’re using on your premises and how much it’s costing you. And what’s more, your energy supplier won’t charge you anything to install it.

5. Have an energy audit done

To really understand how your business could be better at saving energy, why not think about paying for an energy audit. Cracks and minor drafts in your work premises can account for 20% of your energy bill. That’s 20% of the money you pay each month evaporating into the street outside.

Doing our bit for the planet

XLN has always been fully committed to its environmental responsibilities.

We’re Certified Carbon Neutral since 2002, and we’re currently running a series of partnerships with innovative organisations to remove ocean plastic, plant 20 million rainforest trees a year, and much more besides. Everyone business has to work harder to reduce their impact.

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