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XLN partners with Goodwings to take climate action to the next level

A quick guide to our new partnership with Goodwings – the B Corp certified hotel-booking platform and one-stop solution for calculating and reducing your travel emissions.

We’re delighted to announce that we have officially launched our partnership with Goodwings – the hotel booking platform that verifiably removes and reduces the carbon emissions from your business travel, providing accurate emissions data for ESG reporting.

It’s the simplest way of reducing your carbon footprint, and thanks to this partnership, all of our customers can use the voucher code XLN2023-33 to trial the platform for their next two trips*. Simply create a free profile (to get access to all your data and secure discounts on participating hotels), choose your hotel and use the code at checkout. Goodwings will pay to offset 100% of the emissions from your trip.

The hotel booking site for climate conscious business travellers

Goodwings is just like any other hotel booking site – they offer the same hotels and rates as the market leaders. Except there’s one big difference – they make it easy and affordable for businesses to reduce and remove their travel emissions.

With no extra effort on your part, you can track all your business travel emissions and use the data for ESG reporting, simply by making a hotel booking. The emissions data, sourced from the internationally recognised DEFRA, is available in your dashboard and can be downloaded at any time.

Goodwings recently took another huge step to decarbonizing air travel by introducing biofuel to their suite of climate solutions. This means that for businesses setting ambitious reduction targets, they now have the option to reduce with biofuel, and remove the remaining emissions with nature-based removal offsets – all in an easy and affordable way, and with peace of mind that it’s being done with full transparency and with verified documentation for ESG reporting.

How does Goodwings pay for it? When you book a hotel, they use their booking commission to finance biofuel and nature-based offsets, meaning that all you pay for is a small monthly subscription fee which is assessed based on your company’s travel habits.

Book your free 20-minute climate impact assessment and see how you could be reducing your company’s travel emissions by up to 75% and saving money at the same time . Book here.

Another step on our sustainability journey

This partnership has been forged over time as our passion for fighting the climate crisis has seen XLN launch several ambitious eco-initiatives over the last few years.

As our CEO himself puts it:

“The biggest contribution a small business can make to fighting the climate crisis is travelling net zero. Proudly, our partnership with Goodwings empowers our small business customers to do exactly that, in the simplest possible way. And this underlines the importance of partnerships in fighting the climate crisis. This partnership allows Goodwings, XLN and our vast network of small business customers to do far more to tackle the crisis than we would ever do alone.”

Start tracking and offsetting all your business travel today – simply by booking a hotel.

To set up your account and start planning trips, head to the dedicated Goodwings page for XLN customers here: Select the basic (free) account if you want to test by using the voucher. If you want a simulation session to see how much you can save by using their platform select “Get a quote”.

*Ts&Cs: The code can be used twice per email address, or ten times per company domain.

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