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Here you’ll find all the quick tips, handy tools and in-depth insight you’ll need to start and grow your business. It’s your home of small business knowledge.


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Card Payments

Card payment

The Card Payments Whitepaper

Everything a small business needs to know about card payments

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Phone and Broadband

Woman with brown curly hair and rolled up sleeves working in coffee shop

10 ways to stay safe when using XLN's free public Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi can be a lifesaver - but it's important to keep your data safe when browsing.

Phone and Broadband

wires slung over the back of electrician in a blue jumpsuit

Broadband speeds may go up ... but so will bills

Openreach are floating the idea of a major upgrade to the UK's digital infrastructure

Card Payments

HSBC among the glass colossi of Canary Wharf

Small businesses may take HSBC to court

Small businesses are banding together to take on the UK's biggest bank.


About Us

Anna's week with the XLN Marketing team

Making a marketer: what work experience is really about

For Anna, school work experience was never going to be spent making cups of tea

About Us

Pink coloured pay phone

Consumers turn to CEOs for answers

Why are consumers complaining directly to CEOs? Good customer service isn't rocket science.

About Us


2016 UK Customer Experience Award winners!

Another award for the cabinet on our mission to making things better for small business

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