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XLN for small biz

We’ve helped 700,000 customers across every post code and high street in the UK.

"These guys understand entrepreneurs and micro businesses better than anyone"

Andrea Walsh

"The best company I have ever experienced!"

Chai Ching

"I'm increasingly confident that XLN have a genuinely first class, customer-centred ethos... great value and great service. Please keep up the good work."

Steve Faulder


XLN for price

You simply won’t find a better deal anywhere else.

"Changed from BT a few months ago. I'm paying far less but I'm getting so much more!"

Chris Richards

"It'd be worth paying a lot extra for this service – but somehow they manage to charge me less than I was paying previously!"

Ben Collins

"Great company. So much cheaper than BT - we're saving a fortune!"

Paul Sawicki


XLN for service

Gold Award winners at the 2019 CXAs for customer service brilliance.

"Getting through is a dream - calls are answered with hardly any wait time (where does that happen?!)"

Tyran Adam

"Great service. Quick to answer the phone. I wish I could service like this from banks and other providers"

David Keri Conchie

"XLN are the most polite and professional telecoms and broadband supplier out there. 5 stars are not enough for these guys."

Jon Radband


XLN for choice

Our pioneering model puts all your business essentials under one roof.

"Best deals for small businesses in the marketplace. Recently switched my Business Energy Account & saved £'s!"

David Nicholls

"One of the best business switches I have done in thirty years of business."

Risca Pine Centre

"Superb. Start up speed is phenomenal, connection likewise."

Geoff Wimble


Flexible, affordable SIM-only plans.

With 30-day contracts and tariffs that beat EE, Vodafone and O2, our SIM-only deals offer minimal commitment and maximum savings.


0800 085 3152


0800 085 3152

Check our mobile coverage in your area

With over 98% coverage, the network we operate on is one of the most comprehensive in the UK.

Check coverage now!

  • 4GB Data
  • 6GB Data
  • 20GB Data
  • XLN
  • £10.00
    £2.50 per GB
  • £12.00
    £2.00 per GB
  • £20.00
    £1.00 per GB
0800 085 3152
0800 085 3152
  • O2
  • £19.00 (3GB)
    £6.33 per GB
  • £21.00 (9GB)
    £2.33 per GB
  • £23.00 (15GB)
    £1.53 per GB
  • Vodafone
  • £15.99 (1GB)
    £15.99 per GB
  • £19.99 (5GB)
    £3.99 per GB
  • £24.99
    £1.25 per GB
  • EE
  • £15.00 (1GB)
    £15.00 per GB
  • £20.00 (5GB)
    £4.00 per GB
  • £25.00 (10GB)
    £2.50 per GB

Terms apply

Customer Mobile Shop

Committed to

As a small business, your plans can change
on a
daily basis. So our plans are flexible too
- with 30-day contracts on all SIMs.

Keep your number

Fully flexible

Free calls & texts

Keep your number

Hassle-free switching
Keep your existing number. Keep your existing phone.

  • TRI-SIM works in any phone
  • World class customer service

30 day contracts
You can change your deal at any time. No problem.

  • Add data bundles easily
  • No commitment. No tie-ins

Free calls & texts

Totally unlimited
Never miss a call - and never pay for one either.

  • 98% population coverage
  • Local, national & mobile calls


0800 085 3152

TRI-SIM 4G Works in any phone

You said.
We did.

Not all mobile networks are the same.
Not all mobile networks are created by you.

We built XLN Mobile after talking to over 1000 small business owners just like you. We listened to recommendations, and rolled them together to create something truly unique.

A network designed by small businesses, for small businesses.

  • No.1 for reliability
  • No.1 for service
  • No.1 for value
  • No.1 for flexibility
  • No.1 for small business

XLN for service

We save you time too.

Too much time is wasted through bad customer service, being kept on hold, and getting lost in automated call systems... 'dial 1 for this, dial 2 for that....dial 27 for something else'

We answer calls in 3 rings and resolve over 90% of issues on the first call.

Dedicated to keeping your business up and running.


0800 085 3152




  • Call 0808 168 6398 to activate your SIM (you will need your XLN account number and new mobile number)
  • Remove your SIM from the credit card style card
  • Ensure you select the correct SIM card size (Standard, Micro or Nano)
  • Turn off your phone and insert your new XLN SIM card
  • Your SIM should be activated within 2 hours. You will also receive your internet settings by text message
  • If you have not received your internet settings, or are having problems making calls after 2 hours, then please contact a member of our trained support team on 0344 880 7777.

Please note, for security purposes, your SIM can only be activated within the UK.

Your phone number will be allocated at point of sale. You can find this number on your Mobile SIM pack, invoice or online at your MyAccount page.

Alternatively you can find your number in the about section of your handset.

All of XLN’s mobile tariffs include unlimited minutes to UK landlines (01, 02, 03) and UK mobiles, excluding Lyca and Lebara.

Out of bundle data is charged at 8p per MB.

For full details please see our mobile price list here.

XLN’s bill cap gives you total control over your monthly spend and ensures you’re never shocked by a bill. It guarantees that you will never pay anything more than your monthly tariff.

To give you complete flexibility we have split our total bill cap across two limits:

  • Limit 1 – UK/EU data
  • Limit 2 – Rest of the World Data, International Calling, Non-geographic calls, MMS and premium services

You may apply individual caps to each limit within £10 increments from £0.00 to £250.00. We will notify you once 80% and 100% of each cap is reached and will automatically suspend services once you hit your limit.

Bill limits automatically reset every bill cycle. Alternatively you can contact our team on 0344 880 7777 to upgrade your data tariff or amend your limits.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan whenever you want by calling 0344 880 7777. We simply require 30 days’ notice to change your plan.

All XLN Mobile tariffs allow you to use your UK tariff in any EU country at no extra cost. Once you go outside your allowance, you will be charged your standard UK rate and you will continue to receive alerts for inclusive and out of bundle use.

Roam like home does not include:

  • Calls from the UK to non-roam like home international mobiles and landlines (e.g. a German landline)
  • Calls to non-geographic numbers, as well as premium and MMS services

XLN charge £4.50 per MB of data used in all destinations outside of the UK/EU. For full details on our international call rates please see our mobile price list here.

For security purposes XLN has disabled international roaming. Give us a call on 0344 880 7777 to have this lifted.

Contact XLN on 0344 880 7777 for details on your remaining monthly data. Alternatively this can be checked via your handset network settings.

By default XLN has applied an adult content filter to all SIMs. Give us a call on 0344 880 7777 to have this lifted.

XLN only provides 3G and 4G connectivity to deliver the best speeds and network reliability. For this reason 2G only handsets are not compatible with the XLN network.

Your handset must also be unlocked (SIM free). If you previously purchased your handset via a network please check with them to ensure the device is unlocked.

Call XLN immediately on 0344 880 7777. We will suspend your SIM card to prevent any unauthorised use and send a replacement SIM.



Here to help
Small British Businesses

From setting up your router to getting the most from your
Fibre connection, check out the BizHub for advice, hints and tips covering all your small business needs.

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Phone and broadband switching mythbuster

Any doubts over switching supplier? This video will put them to rest.

The business benefits of Fibre Broadband

What makes fibre worth the extra investment?

Broadband vs Fibre

Broadband or Fibre - which is best for your business?

The small print
Phone Line

Subject to a 18 month contract term unless stated otherwise. At the end of the promotional period, the price reverts to the recommended retail price. This can be found in our Master Price List.

Any promotional savings calculations are based on the promotional term stipulated and XLN's current promotions and connection fees (where applicable). Prices against nearest comparable product as per provider websites, excluding competitor promotions are correct at 19/04/2021.

Phone only: Comparison against online price of BT's Value line rental with UK call package (where applicable) and new line installation.

Phone & Broadband: Comparison against online price of BT's Broadband Essential & line rental with UK call package (where applicable) and PC security.

Phone & Fibre: Comparison against online price of BT's Superfast Fibre Essential & Digital Phone Line with UK call package (where applicable) and PC security.

Cloud Voice

Subject to a 36 month contract term unless stated otherwise. Details of prices can be found in our Master Price List.

Broadband & Fibre

The speed achieved is subject to the quality of your line, distance between your property and the exchange and the ability of your local exchange.

Free wireless router. £9.99 charge for tracked delivery, configuration and packaging.


Three months free terminal rental offer available on 48 month contracts only.


The meter configuration at your business premises must be supported by us to enable us to quote.

You must provide us with a copy of your renewal quote from your existing supplier showing your renewal prices and estimated or actual annual consumption. We will use this information to provide you with a quote. We promise to beat the price of your first written renewal offer only.

The price we quote is only valid at the time it is quoted. Prices change daily.

Any savings we quote are for illustrative purposes only and will vary depending on the actual amount of electricity you consume during the period of the contract.

General terms

Information correct at time of going to press. Errors & omissions exempt. Speak to your XLN agent for our latest deals. All offers available to new customers only. All prices exclude VAT. Prices may go up during your contract. Manual billing charge of £7.95 per month for non-Direct Debit payments.

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