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New Line

Hassle-free set-up

A simple, affordable phone line exclusively for small businesses.


A fast, friendly and
hassle-free set-up

We’ll get your new line up and running in no time.

Our friendly UK-based team will let you know how and when we can set up your new line. And when we do set you up, we’ll make sure it happens quickly and smoothly.

How it works

Most of the time we can connect you directly. If we can’t then we’ll send an engineer out to you nice and quickly.

Connecting you will normally be free but if you require a new line there is a connection fee. The connection could take up to 14 days, but we always try to connect you sooner than this.

Call us on
0800 085 3152


Don't just take our word for it

"The customer service is excellent, much better than BT."

Craig McCreeth

Thanks Craig. Head and shoulders (and knees and toes) above BT.

5 stars
The small print
Phone Line

Subject to a 18 month contract term unless stated otherwise. At the end of the promotional period, the price reverts to the recommended retail price. This can be found in our Master Price List.

Any promotional savings calculations are based on the promotional term stipulated and XLN's current promotions and connection fees (where applicable). Prices against nearest comparable product as per provider websites, excluding competitor promotions are correct at 19/04/2021.

Phone only: Comparison against online price of BT's Value line rental with UK call package (where applicable) and new line installation.

Phone & Broadband: Comparison against online price of BT's Broadband Essential & line rental with UK call package (where applicable) and PC security.

Phone & Fibre: Comparison against online price of BT's Superfast Fibre Essential & Digital Phone Line with UK call package (where applicable) and PC security.

Cloud Voice

Subject to a 36 month contract term unless stated otherwise. Details of prices can be found in our Master Price List.

Broadband & Fibre

The speed achieved is subject to the quality of your line, distance between your property and the exchange and the ability of your local exchange.

Free wireless router. £9.99 charge for tracked delivery, configuration and packaging.


Three months free terminal rental offer available on 48 month contracts only.


The meter configuration at your business premises must be supported by us to enable us to quote.

You must provide us with a copy of your renewal quote from your existing supplier showing your renewal prices and estimated or actual annual consumption. We will use this information to provide you with a quote. We promise to beat the price of your first written renewal offer only.

The price we quote is only valid at the time it is quoted. Prices change daily.

Any savings we quote are for illustrative purposes only and will vary depending on the actual amount of electricity you consume during the period of the contract.

General terms

Information correct at time of going to press. Errors & omissions exempt. Speak to your XLN agent for our latest deals. All offers available to new customers only. All prices exclude VAT. Prices may go up during your contract. Manual billing charge of £7.95 per month for non-Direct Debit payments.

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