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The next big thing
for small businesses.

Multiple users and better quality calls;
free handsets or app functionality.

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Cloud Voice app on different devices
  • Cloud Voice is a digital phone line for your business

  • XLN Cloud Voice will get your business ready for the future

4.5 stars

Rated excellent

4.5 stars

Rated excellent

XLN for small biz

We’ve helped 700,000 customers across every post code and high street in the UK.

"These guys understand entrepreneurs and micro businesses better than anyone"

Andrea Walsh

"The best company I have ever experienced!"

Chai Ching

"I'm increasingly confident that XLN have a genuinely first class, customer-centred ethos... great value and great service. Please keep up the good work."

Steve Faulder


XLN for price

You simply won’t find a better deal anywhere else.

"Changed from BT a few months ago. I'm paying far less but I'm getting so much more!"

Chris Richards

"It'd be worth paying a lot extra for this service – but somehow they manage to charge me less than I was paying previously!"

Ben Collins

"Great company. So much cheaper than BT - we're saving a fortune!"

Paul Sawicki


XLN for service

Gold Award winners at the 2019 CXAs for customer service brilliance.

"Getting through is a dream - calls are answered with hardly any wait time (where does that happen?!)"

Tyran Adam

"Great service. Quick to answer the phone. I wish I could service like this from banks and other providers"

David Keri Conchie

"XLN are the most polite and professional telecoms and broadband supplier out there. 5 stars are not enough for these guys."

Jon Radband


XLN for choice

Our pioneering model puts all your business essentials under one roof.

"Best deals for small businesses in the marketplace. Recently switched my Business Energy Account & saved £'s!"

David Nicholls

"One of the best business switches I have done in thirty years of business."

Risca Pine Centre

"Superb. Start up speed is phenomenal, connection likewise."

Geoff Wimble


Traditional Phone Lines are disappearing
and everything’s going digital.

XLN Cloud Voice facilitates low cost – or even free – calls over an internet connection instead
of a phone line. In the digital age, and with traditional phone lines to be switched off by 2025,
this offers a number of benefits...

  • Never miss a call again
  • Free handsets
  • No installation or activation fees
  • Mobile and desktop app functionality
  • Add multiple users easily
  • Better call quality

If you would like more detail, download our handy guide for everything you need to know about Cloud Voice,
including all the added features available, frequently asked questions and useful tips.

Choose your perfect package...

Terms apply

A dedicated fibre connection means a more dedicated business.

Cloud Voice services give your business, and your customers, more reliability than a traditional landline.
You’ll future-proof your business – and make it far easier to grow your customer base.

Smart savings

Smart features

Smart tech

Smart savings

It’s on us
We've covered most of your starting costs for you.

  • Keep your old number for free
  • No installation or activation fees

Smart features

Fully customisable
With 40+ business grade features as standard.

  • Select any geographic number
  • Reroute calls in case of emergency

Smart tech

Exceptional technology
That is simple and easy to set-up.

  • Free market-leading handsets
  • Agile, robust mobile and desktop app

Our handsets
- and the app

We have some of the best handsets available on the market, so go ahead and
pick the phone that suits your business best - it's on us. Or choose our
app-based tariff, which gives you the freedom to take your business anywhere.


use own

Cloud Voice Express
Mobile & Desktop App

  • Take your business with you
  • 24/7 access to business calls
  • Make/take calls from mobile or business nummber
  • Get all the features of Cloud Voice on your mobile and desktop
  • Complement fixed premise handsets with the agility of a mobile and desktop app

Free cordless handset

Yealink W53

(RRP £169.90)

  • Talk time – 18 hours
  • Standby time – 200 hours
  • Up to 50m range indoors - 300m outdoors
  • 4 simultaneous calls per base
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty





Free desktop handset

Yealink T46U

(RRP £249.90)

  • Modern design and colour display screen
  • HD ready for life-like-on-the-net conversations
  • Preconfigured Cloud Voice service - Just plug and play
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty

Additional Cloud Voice features

FeatureMonthly CostSet-up
Hunt GroupFreeFree
Number PortingFreeFree
Alternative NumbersFreeFree
Disaster RecoveryFreeFree
Call RecordingFrom £5Free
International CallsFrom £5Free
More than 30 other free call features are available - See the full list
Webex Voice & Video CallingOffice collaboration tools, Voice and Video conferencing, messaging, screen & file sharing plus virtual whiteboards.
Distinctive & Priority RingingMake your phone ring with a different sound – ideal for when you want to be made aware of a particular person getting in touch.
Alternative NumbersSpecify up to 10 alternative numbers to call your primary number.
Anonymous Call RejectionReject calls from anonymous parties who have explicitly restricted their identities.
Auto AttendantServes as an automated receptionist that callers can reach by dialling a specific phone number or extension. Once connected to an Auto Attendant, the caller is played a greeting that provides a menu of options used to complete the routing of the call.
Basic Call LogsCall logs for received, missed, and placed calls.
Busy Lamp FieldMonitor another user’s call state, through Busy Lamp Field LED’s.
Call Forward AlwaysAutomatically redirect all incoming calls intended for a user to another phone destination.
Call Forward BusyRedirect incoming calls to another phone destination when the user is busy.
Call Forward No AnswerRedirect incoming calls to another phone destination when the user does not answer within a specified number of rings.
Call Forward Not ReachableRedirect incoming calls to another phone destination when the users’ device fails to respond to an incoming call.
Call Forwarding SelectiveForward calls to another destination when the incoming call matches pre-specified criteria.
Call HoldPlace an existing call on hold for a period of time, and then retrieve the call to resume conversation.
Call NotifyDefine criteria and specify rules that cause certain incoming calls to trigger an email notification to a specified address.
Call RecordingThe Call Recording feature allows you to record calls for training and quality purposes. It stores the calls in the cloud securely, for you to access whenever you wish to.
Call ReturnCall the last party that called.
Call TransferConsult with an add-on party before either transferring the caller to the add-on party or initiating a 3-way conference call.
Call WaitingAnswer another call while already engaged in a call.
Calling Line ID BlockingBlock identity of outbound calls.
Calling PlansRestrict the type of calls users can make and/or receive. Calling plans can be applied to both incoming and outgoing calls.
Do Not DisturbSend your calls directly to your voice messaging box without ringing your phone.
External Calling Line ID DeliveryView the incoming caller ID for a call coming from outside your organisation.
Group Calling Line IDProvide a single default calling line identity for all users within a given site. (Additional charge applicable).
Hunt GroupsDistribute incoming calls to users within a group
Internal Calling Line ID DeliveryView the incoming caller ID information for a call coming from inside your organisation.
Last Number RedialRedial the last number dialled.
Local Area Code DiallingDial local telephone numbers without having to dial the area code.
Music on holdSet up and maintain an audio source that can be broadcast to held callers in various scenarios.
Pre-alerting AnnouncementPlay a pre-recorded announcement to callers ahead of the phone being alerted (ringing).
Selective Call AppearanceAccept calls when pre-defined criteria, such as phone number, time of day or day of week, are met.
Selective Call RejectionReject calls when pre-defined criteria, such as phone number, time of day or day of week, are met.
Site InterceptAllows calls routed to a line that has been decommissioned to be intercepted with an informative announcement and alternate routing options.
Speed Dial 100Dial another telephone number by dialling a Speed Prefix Access Code and two digits.
Speed Dial 8Dial another telephone number by simply dialling a single digit.
Time schedulesDefine Time Schedules that can be applied to the features used by the Site. Create a Time Schedule if you want a feature to use different behaviour during business and non-business hours, or at different times during the day.
User InterceptAllows phone number to be taken out of service while providing callers with informative Announcements and alternative routing options.
VoicemailPersonal voicemail service which allows users to listen to voicemails from anywhere, and any platform.

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From setting up your router to getting the most from your
Fibre connection, check out the BizHub for advice, hints and tips covering all your small business needs.

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The small business utilities jargon buster

Clarifying some of our most-used industry terms

The benefits of Cloud Voice

Simple reasons why our VoIP products are a no brainer

A no-nonsense guide to Cloud Voice

A simple explainer on exactly what Cloud Voice or VOIP is

The small print
Phone Line

Subject to a 18 month contract term unless stated otherwise. At the end of the promotional period, the price reverts to the recommended retail price. This can be found in our Master Price List.

Any promotional savings calculations are based on the promotional term stipulated and XLN's current promotions and connection fees (where applicable). Prices against nearest comparable product as per provider websites, excluding competitor promotions are correct at 19/04/2021.

Phone only: Comparison against online price of BT's Value line rental with UK call package (where applicable) and new line installation.

Phone & Broadband: Comparison against online price of BT's Broadband Essential & line rental with UK call package (where applicable) and PC security.

Phone & Fibre: Comparison against online price of BT's Superfast Fibre Essential & Digital Phone Line with UK call package (where applicable) and PC security.

Cloud Voice

Subject to a 36 month contract term unless stated otherwise. Details of prices can be found in our Master Price List.

Broadband & Fibre

The speed achieved is subject to the quality of your line, distance between your property and the exchange and the ability of your local exchange.

Free wireless router. £9.99 charge for tracked delivery, configuration and packaging.


Three months free terminal rental offer available on 48 month contracts only.


The meter configuration at your business premises must be supported by us to enable us to quote.

You must provide us with a copy of your renewal quote from your existing supplier showing your renewal prices and estimated or actual annual consumption. We will use this information to provide you with a quote. We promise to beat the price of your first written renewal offer only.

The price we quote is only valid at the time it is quoted. Prices change daily.

Any savings we quote are for illustrative purposes only and will vary depending on the actual amount of electricity you consume during the period of the contract.

General terms

Information correct at time of going to press. Errors & omissions exempt. Speak to your XLN agent for our latest deals. All offers available to new customers only. All prices exclude VAT. Prices may go up during your contract. Manual billing charge of £7.95 per month for non-Direct Debit payments.

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