XLN Energy

Exclusive energy deals, exclusively for small businesses

Save up to 40% on gas and electricity

XLN Energy is built to save small businesses money on their utility bills. And because energy is a small business’ second-biggest expense, those savings can really stack up.

But if you don’t switch, you don’t save – and there’s a good chance that like many other businesses, you’re stuck on an outdated contract, overpaying by hundreds of pounds every year. It’s time to get a fairer deal.

We promise to beat your renewal offer

Saving money with XLN Energy isn’t complicated. In fact it’s as simple as this: show us the renewal offer from your current supplier, and we’ll beat it.

Other benefits of being an XLN Energy customer include:

  • Award-winning UK-based customer service, with calls answered in 3 rings
  • The potential for a long-term deal, allowing you to lock in low rates and protect your business from wholesale energy price hikes
  • Big discounts on our other products like phone, broadband and card processing
  • A fast and seamless switch
  • Consistent and proactive communication – we’ll let you know about changes to your contract well in advance so you never get caught on extortionate rates

Ready to save? Call us on 0808 178 2222 or Call me back now


We understand what makes you tick. So we tailor our packages to meet the exact needs of small businesses, enabling best value and service to keep Britain up and running. Saving £££s across phone, broadband, mobile, gas, electricity, card processing and more…


When you need a helping hand, we’re here to help 24/7.

What’s more, you won’t get lost in the system or ever have to speak to a robot, just our friendly UK-based experts.