XLN Credit and card payment solutions

When they spend
you save

We promise to beat the price
you're paying now!



All our payment terminals feature the
latest contactless tech. That means shorter
queues, happier customers and
more payments.

12 million coffees
12 million savings

XLN café customers sell 12 million cups of coffee a year. And because of our price promise, they can save on every cup.

A better deal
on the cards

We've worked out that our customers save up to £500, every year. Plus, they get 3 months free terminal rental when they join. It's the easiest money you'll make all year...

New to cards?

The fastest, simplest setup. Award-winning customer service. More than 250,000 small businesses supported across multiple services. If you want to take card payments for the first time, choose a business that understands your needs.

XLN Pay. When they spend, you save.

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Big thinking for small business.

By standing side by side, standing tall together, the purchase power of hundreds of thousands of small businesses can make XLN savings every day. That’s big savings on all your business essentials from phone and broadband to card processing and energy. Savings that can be reinvested in your business or perhaps a well deserved holiday.

We’re proud to help every different type of business in every corner of the UK. Proud to be Britain’s leading small business specialist. Proud to be one of the country’s fastest growing businesses.

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most trusted

up and running. Fast.

We know how important it is for a business like yours to take payments. So when you sign up or switch to XLN for your credit and debit card processing, we make sure that it all happens fast.

In fact, we'll have your terminals working in as little as 24 hours.

great british service from great british call centres

make XLN savings. everyday

XLN has supported over 250,000 small business customers.

And we can help you set up card payments and make big savings on your credit and debit card processing costs. So with more than half of UK consumers using credit and debit cards, make sure you don’t miss out.