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Published: 31st Oct 2017

XLN CEO’s defence of EU nationals goes viral


This post-Brexit post by our CEO, Christian Nelleman, has made XLN an internet phenomenon – garnering almost 10,000 views within weeks of being posted.

Taking a stand against Theresa May’s refusal to guarantee the rights of EU nationals living in the UK, Christian’s “As an immigrant, I’m getting increasingly offended” quote and opinion piece was shared over a hundred times, receiving over a thousand likes and prompting the LinkedIn equivalent of a twitterstorm (A Linkedornado? A LinkedIzzard?) as almost a hundred users debated the topic in the comments section.

The perfect blend of irony and passion, Christian’s clear-headed, economic argument is a welcome antidote to the rhetorical frenzy that surrounds the EU debate in Britain.

You can read the piece (and many other articles by Christian) on his LinkedIn page, where he provides a business-oriented perspective on current issues.

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