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Published: 31st Oct 2017

XLN wins the 2017 Internet Advertising Competition Award for Best Small Business Email Message


XLN has won an Internet Advertising Competition Award for an innovative and witty marketing campaign. Our winning entry, a high-performing email, can be viewed here.

The tongue-in-cheek response, authored by XLN copywriter Jack Stratten, is a concise riposte to BT’s observation that XLN is “only” 37% cheaper than BT for similar fibre broadband products – not 44% as initially claimed.

Witty and acerbic from start to finish, commentators were impressed by the email’s successful conversion of a possible legal challenge into a marketing coup, with “a backhanded riposte Roger Federer could be proud of”.

Read below for some of the judges’ comments:

“Excellent marketing! The subject line got me to open the mail. The savings was stressed and I got a little laugh at the expense of your competitor” - Mindy Stern

“A masterclass in marketing” - Paul Elliot Smith

“Possibly the best marketing email ever”. - Steff Easom

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