Christian Nellemann - Raw Business

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Christian Nellemann launches his new book: Raw Business - A straight-talking account of what it means to be a successful entrepreneur...


**Want to know what it takes to run a successful business? **How to set up and grow a company? How to effectively manage people and create a prosperous work environment?

Raw Business contains raw and unvarnished advice, written by Christian Nellemann, a serial entrepreneur and the Founder and Executive Chairman of XLN, a UK telecoms business valued at £250m.

Christian Nellemann emigrated to London from Kolding, Denmark at the age of 22. Fascinated by the idea of business ever since he was a child, Christian has spent the last 35 years selling everything from wine, confectionary and perfumes to office products, telecoms and business utilities. Christian founded XLN in 2002, and the company now has over 110,000 customers and more than 450 staff. Raw Business contains practical advice to help fellow entrepreneurs shape good working habits, recruit the right people, and build an effective sales team.

Christian is often asked what the fundamentals of running a successful business are and if his success can be replicated, which he addresses in Raw Business:

“Creating a successful business is not a magical mysterious process, it is actually very straightforward. It’s just that there are a dozen obstacles you can run into along the way if you are not careful. I hope I can help you avoid some of the pitfalls that stand in the way of so many entrepreneurs.”

In the first part of Raw Business, Christian recounts his life story, from childhood all the way through to starting XLN. Part two outlines the core principles Christian uses to run his life and business – the principles that have been fundamental to his success. And finally, part three will pull these life lessons and core principles together, to show readers how to start a successful business or grow their existing business into something far greater.

Based on Christian’s own real-life experiences – which span more than 30 years of running anything from small and now multi-million-pound businesses – Raw Business is the tried and trusted model for achieving success.