Low-cost international calls packages

Unlock seamless global communication with our international call packages, tailored to suit your business needs. Our packages offer cost-effective solutions for businesses seeking to expand their reach and connect with clients and partners worldwide. With competitive rates and crystal-clear call quality, you can conduct international business calls with confidence, whether you’re closing deals, collaborating on projects, or providing customer support.

Choose from a range of packages designed to accommodate varying call volumes and destinations, ensuring that you only pay for what you need. Say goodbye to exorbitant international calling fees and hello to seamless communication across borders with our international calls packages.

Our call packages are tailor-made for businesses making regular international calls abroad. From as little as £5 per month, you can get 500 minutes to a variety of different countries – including India and Poland as standard.

Choose your perfect package…

Standard international minutes

£5.00 per month

  • 500 free minutes
  • 36 countries included
  • Buy in multiples
  • Includes India, USA and Poland

Premium international minutes

£10.00 per month

  • 500 free minutes
  • 72 countries included
  • Buy in multiples
  • Extra countries include – Pakistan and Turkey

Buy our bundles in multiples.

You can buy each package in multiples, but you can’t buy both packages at the same time. So check which countries you’ll need to call carefully before choosing your package.