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5 reasons to choose XLN

Our promises

Why XLN? We’re on your side.

"I started XLN because small businesses weren’t being given the value for money they deserved on their essential utilities. They paid too much, and they waited too long for support. So I made it my mission to change that.

How? By living and breathing these 5 promises in everything we do. They’re the backbone of XLN – and they’ve helped us to level the playing field
for small businesses."

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Christian Nellemann, Founder


World-class service

We promise to deliver unrivalled customer service.

We have more five-star reviews on Trustpilot than anyone else in our sector and our rating is 20x better than BT’s.

The secret is simple. We answer your calls inside 3 rings, from UK-based support centres, and we solve 90% of issues on the first call. You can’t afford to wait – and with XLN, you don’t have to.


Exclusively small business

We promise to support small businesses only.

While the utility giants focus on the mass consumer market and big chains, we focus solely on independent companies.

Unlike our rivals, we understand what is important to small businesses. We provide expert advice through our Bizhub to help you prosper. And we create products like XLN public Wi-Fi that bring customers to your door – at no extra cost.


Never beaten on price

We promise to always beat the price you’re paying now.

That might sound like a flimsy guarantee, but it’s a promise we put into action every day. Even with a wildly fluctuating energy market, for example, we still promise to beat your first written renewal offer.

As a result, we’ve attracted more than 400,000 small businesses away from the giants. Because your lives are hard enough without sky-high bills.



We promise that the more XLN products you choose, the more you'll save.

Recently, we calculated that an XLN customer choosing all of our core products (phone, broadband, card processing and energy) saves an average of £1,750, every year.

How would you spend it?


Smoother switching

We promise the smoothest switch possible.

When a household loses service, it’s an annoyance. When a business loses service, everything grinds to a halt, losing customers and ultimately, money.

That’s why we’ve invested in making switching to XLN as seamless as possible, with minimal downtime and a UK-based switching team to manage the process for you.

Just sit back and relax. We’ll do the work.

David vs Goliath.
It's your story,
and ours.

A stone. XLN's TrustPilot score vs some of our competitors' scores.

David vs Goliath.
It's your story,
and ours.

You battle against faceless chains every day. So do we. And according to Trustpilot,
David is winning again -
our rating is 20 times better than BT's.

That's because we don't simply save you money. Through initiatives like free public Wi-Fi, we help your business grow, too.

XLN's TrustPilot score vs some of our competitors' scores.

"We promise we’ll answer the phone soon – we’re just helping a bigger business first."

Our rivals

"We promise you’ll pay less money and get better service. That’s what we do here."

Save £1750 on just one call.
The more you choose, the more you save.

Our average customer stands to save up to £1750 a year. What would you spend it on?

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The small print
Phone Line

Subject to a 24 month contract term. At the end of the promotional period, the price reverts to the recommended retail price. This can be found in our Master Price List.

Savings value based on 24 month term and XLN’s current promotions, connection fees, and online security cost included (where applicable). Prices against nearest comparable product as per provider websites, excluding competitor promotions and correct at 26/09/2019.

Phone only: Comparison against online price of BT Value line rental with UK call package (where applicable) and new line installation.

Phone & Broadband: Comparison against online price of BT Broadband Essential & line rental with UK call package (where applicable) and PC security.

Phone & Fibre: Comparison against online price BT Superfast Fibre Essential, line rental with UK call package (where applicable) and PC security.

Cloud Voice

Subject to a 36 month contract term. Details of prices can be found in our Master Price List.

Broadband & Fibre

The speed achieved is subject to the quality of your line, distance between your property and the exchange and the ability of your local exchange.

Free wireless router. £9.99 charge for tracked delivery, configuration and packaging.

Total savings shown include £324 for customers opting in to our public Wi-Fi service (£6.50 per month thereafter for a 24-month contract, RRP £20 per month). Customers can opt out of this service at any time.


Free terminal rental for the first 3 months in addition to the contractual term. Available with 48 month contracts only.


The meter configuration at your business premises must be supported by us to enable us to quote.

You must provide us with a copy of your renewal quote from your existing supplier showing your renewal prices and estimated or actual annual consumption. We will use this information to provide you with a quote. We promise to beat the price of your first written renewal offer only.

The price we quote is only valid at the time it is quoted. Prices change daily.

Any savings we quote are for illustrative purposes only and will vary depending on the actual amount of electricity you consume during the period of the contract.

General terms

Information correct at time of going to press. Errors & omissions exempt. Speak to your XLN agent for our latest deals. All offers available to new customers only. All prices exclude VAT. Prices may go up during your contract.

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