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How to compare business broadband deals


Simple steps to help you navigate the business broadband minefield

Shopping around for business broadband can be a bit of a minefield. There’s a lot to consider, a lot of complexity, and a lot of providers trying to sway your decision. So to ensure you make the right choice, take a step back and follow these simple tips.

How often do you use your landline?

Look at your phone bills and assess how often you use your landline. Do your bills end up being sky-high every month? That could mean you’d benefit from an unlimited calls package – and business broadband deals with unlimited calls can cost as little as £8 per month.

Equally, if you tend to use your mobile most of the time, you can get an even cheaper deal and just pay for the calls you make on top of your line rental.

What’s the maximum internet speed you can get in your area?

Now, before you start thinking about the broadband speed you want, you need to check the broadband speed you can actually get. Use a broadband speed checker, and remember that the speed you’ll see will be the maximum and not necessarily your actual average speed.

Could you benefit from fibre?

First and foremost, check whether you can get fibre broadband in your area – once again, the speed checker can answer this question.

Then, think about whether you actually need fibre. It’s faster, and it’s also more expensive. But if you depend on your internet connection to run and manage your business, it’s a no-brainer – and the best business internet deals won’t break the bank.

If you want great service, choose a business broadband provider

Many major internet providers don’t offer services exclusively to businesses, and this is important. The residential broadband market is much bigger than the business market, and if your small business chooses a provider that supports millions of residential customers, your needs won’t always be prioritised.

Furthermore, your needs won’t always be understood – the issues and challenges a small business faces on a day-to-basis are unique. XLN provides broadband exclusively to small businesses, and has won countless awards for its customer service.