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Are you paying for a mobile you already own?

More than 2 million customers are paying the price for long contracts

Some of the largest mobile phone providers in the UK, including Vodafone and EE, charge customers up to £38 a month for phones they’ve already paid for. That’s according to the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Furthermore, new figures from Ofcom show that more than 2 million mobile users have fallen into this trap. On average, these 2 million customers are paying £22 a month more than they should be, which over the course of a lengthy contract can equate to paying for your phone twice or even three times over.

SIM-only is the only answer

Plans are in place to force operators to be clearer about what mobile users are paying for on their bills. But no formal date for any changes has been set, and in the meantime millions continue to be out of pocket. It doesn’t need to be this way.

First and foremost, check your bill. Work out how long you’ve been with your provider and look into any charges on your bill that you can’t account for. And if you’re out of contract and happy with your handset, put serious consideration into getting a SIM-only deal. This will typically be vastly cheaper, but can also give you flexibility in case your phone does need to be replaced at any point – our SIM-only deals, for example, all run on 30-day contracts.

Best of all, if you do want to switch to avoid these unnecessary costs, switching mobile provider recently got much easier. Now, all you have to do is text PAC for free to 65075, and you’re instantly sent the PAC number you need to give to your new provider. Once they have that number, the switch can happen within a day.

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