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Benefits of business VoIP

Simple reasons why our business VoIP products are a no brainer

XLN Cloud Voice is our version of business VoIP – a digital phone system that allows you to take and make calls over an internet connection, rather than a traditional phone line.

Here’s why we think it’s an absolute no brainer for modern and ambitious small businesses…

Fit for the future

Traditional phone lines can be unreliable – and besides, they’re set to be switched off by 2025. Cloud Voice prepares you for the digital future, and avoids any last-minute panic.

Lower overheads

Because calls are made over an internet connection, call costs are typically lower than with traditional phone lines. Plus, there’s no hardware investment (our state-of-the-art handsets are free, as is the app) and no set-up cost.

Better quality calls

The industry is now unanimously agreed that Cloud Voice calls offer better quality, and therefore more reliability.

More flexibility

Remote working and multi-site teams have suddenly the norm. Cloud Voice is the perfect way of supporting this, as it allows you to work remotely or on the go, through the Cloud Voice app. You’ll never miss a call again.

A foundation for growth

For growing businesses, Cloud Voice is ideal. You can add multiple users at different locations quickly and easily – and better still, far more cheaply than by adding multiple phone lines.

Slick and professional

Cloud Voice business VoIP is also a really simple way of boosting the profile and professionalism of your business. With multiple users added easily and the coverage it provides, someone will always be able to answer the phone. But there are dozens of features included, like Auto Attendant or Hunt Groups, which you’d associate with much bigger or more corporate businesses.

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