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Crafting your most memorable Christmas: Three ways a card machine can help create priceless moments

Three reasons a smart terminal is the best card machine for small business (even at Christmas!)

Whatever your business hospitality, retail, beauty or beyond – the holiday season is always a time of increased demand. Not to mention, a great opportunity to create priceless moments for your customers. To thrive during this busy time and provide the best experience, having a reliable card machine is essential. Without one, you risk losing sales, negative customer reviews, and add unnecessary stress to your business. A smart terminal is the key to holly jolly holidays all around, so let’s take a look at how one can help you deliver those priceless moments for your customers.  

4G back up for uninterrupted connectivity 

Picture this. You’re amid a busy holiday rush, and your Wi-Fi connection suddenly goes down, or worse your power. Disaster. Holidays cancelled. Sales lost. Right? Wrong.  

With a smart terminal, you won’t miss a beat. These card machines not only depend on their seamless Wi-Fi connection but also provide the added benefit of built-in 4G backup (at no extra cost), making it the best card machine for small business. This means you’re always connected and ready to accept payments, ensuring your customers never need to look elsewhere.

Moreover, 4G backup for smart card machines, serves as an optimal solution for businesses on the move, including mobile and seasonal trades like Christmas markets or pop-ups that lack a fixed physical location. This dual connectivity ensures the card machine has uninterrupted access, even in remote or temporary settings. As a result, smart terminals are highly portable, eliminating the need for unsightly wires and enabling you to deliver a seamless, untethered experience to your customers.  

Why choose a ‘smart terminal’ card machine? 

In the holiday chaos and stress, nobody has the time or patience for slow, queue-creating payments you can expect from your usual card machine. Smart terminals, powered by cutting-edge technology and robust software, have got you covered. They guarantee you a lightning-fast and seamless payment experience, recognising that your customers have commitments and preventing long queues that can overwhelm your business.   

This means you can say goodbye to the frustrating delays of legacy countertop terminals, and hello to a swift, hassle-free payment experience to keep them moving. 

One-click reporting for effortless cashflow management

One-click reporting streamlines the typically laborious and time-consuming end-of-day cash up process, which is crucial when you need to maximise your time with customers and enjoy the season yourself. By replacing the need to sift through stacks of receipts or navigate complex spreadsheets, a smart card terminal will streamline the reporting process, saving you precious time and significantly reducing the risk of errors, maintaining the accuracy of your financial records. This efficient tool empowers you to focus on what truly matters —running your business smoothly and enjoying those well-deserved chances to engage in the seasonal festivities. 

Accepts all major payment methods

When catering to a diverse customer base during the holidays, it’s essential that you are equipped with the best card machine for business possible so you can accept a variety of payment methods so you never miss out on all important sales. Smart terminals have you covered, supporting magnetic stripe, Chip and PIN, VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Apple Pay, Contactless, and Android Pay. Regardless of your customers’ preferences, you’ll always be ready to make the sale, providing peace of mind, building trust and offering convenience for both you and your customers. 


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