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Business benefits of Fibre Broadband

What benefits of fibre broadband are worth the extra investment?

A lot has been said about the differences between standard business broadband and fibre broadband, and most small businesses are understandably none the wiser. After all, how does a ‘Super Router’ actually help you do business? And what difference does a 76Mb connection actually make?

Here’s a quick guide to the simple benefits of fibre broadband, and what all that extra speed actually does…

Run more devices – and do more business

Switching from ADSL to fibre-optic broadband can often increase your internet speed by anywhere between five and ten times. That enormous increase means you can connect and run multiple devices at the same time. Or to put it even more simply, you can do more.

If your fibre connection runs your payment system, phone system, public Wi-Fi and ecommerce platform, you could have everything in use at once without losing your connection.

That’s why Fibre is so important for growing, ambitious businesses.

A more reliable connection

Back in the not-so-good old days of dial-up internet, a mere phone call could destroy whatever plans you had on the internet. Today standard broadband is infinitely better – but we still find ourselves regularly frozen on video calls or waiting an age to download a large file.

Fibre offers a fare more reliable connection. Whatever you have going on at your business, your chances of a lost connection or slower speeds are massively reduced.

A better router

A fibre upgrade normally means a router upgrade (at XLN, you’ll get the aptly named Super Router). And a better router can do wonders for your business.

Most importantly, a better router sends better Wi-Fi signals further into your premises, meaning you can access the internet in the furthest reaches of your premises. This might be especially handy in larger spaces, or when serving customers at a table outside.

Planning for the future

Everything businesses do is now internet-powered, one way or another. And the pandemic has massively sped up that process.

The perfect example is how restaurants and takeaways have connected to digital delivery platforms like Deliveroo to boost their sales. All of a sudden, every kebab shop and curry house in the country has found themselves far more reliant on ecommerce.

And everything you do digitally relies on a fast, reliable connection. Fibre is the only safe bet.

The best value for money

Fibre used to be far more expensive than standard broadband, and that made the decision of whether to switch much harder. That simply is no longer the case – at least if you choose the right providers.

As Fibre use has grown, the cost of providing it has reduced for suppliers. And assuming they’ve been honest enough to pass on those savings, it’s become a much better deal for businesses.

Here at XLN, our Fibre deals are so competitive that you’ll often pay the same or less than you did for broadband with your previous supplier. That’s because your broadband bills have probably crept up over the years. So switching really is a no-brainer.

Check out our latest Fibre deals today.

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