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Business benefits of online payments

Taking online payments is now part and parcel of the offering of all businesses, big or small.

But what are the benefits, beyond reacting to customer demand? And what makes it worth the time and money to implement?

Here’s a quick run-down of the key benefits…

Reacting to new buying journeys

Customer expectations and journeys have changed.

Nowadays, customers expect to be able to browse or buy in-store or online.

Offering online payments is a key part of that offering, and ultimately it ensures you don’t miss sales opportunities.

Removing geographical limitations

Small business’ growth is typically limited according to where they operate – but online buying transforms that.

With a good online payment solution and convenient shipping, you can sell to anyone, anywhere.

Or to look at it another way, you’re limiting the potential of your business by not selling online.

Gaining customer insight

When you make a sale online, you also gain new information about the people buying your products and services.

Over time, you can develop a clear idea of customer preferences and behaviours, as well as valuable insights into your own products and services – and how they’re promoted.

This kind of data is integral to making better business decisions in the future.

Linking to social media

Creating an online buying platform also gives you the opportunity to target potential customers on social media.

The ability to take customers from your social media content to your e-commerce platform means you can really start to monetise the work you’re putting into online marketing.

24/7 selling

One of the simplest but most powerful benefits of online selling is that it allows you to sell while you’re doors are closed.

Your customers can buy online whenever it suits them.

Start selling online today with XLN Pay

XLN Pay offers one of the simplest online payment solutions for small businesses on the market today.

It offers three simple ways to take online payments – all offering exceptional security and convenience for you and your customers.

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