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Consumers turn to CEOs for answers

Why are consumers complaining directly to CEOs? Good customer service isn’t rocket science.

At XLN, we offer great British service from great British call centres. When your small business needs a helping hand with your broadband or phone line, we’re here to help 24/7.

That’s why we were shocked to learn about the growing popularity of

It’s a free UK-based website which gathers and posts the email addresses, Twitter handles, office numbers and postal address of UK CEOs. If you’re not getting anywhere with a company’s customer service team, now you can go right to the top in the hope that you’ll have your issue resolved faster.

The site reports that the volume of people searching for CEOs to complain to has increased dramatically recently.

Something’s going wrong

Through years of working with hundreds of thousands of UK small businesses like yours, we know better than anyone that your time is precious. When you have a problem, you want it fixed fast. It’s not much to ask when you’re paying for a service.

The heads of BT, Virgin Media and TalkTalk however, featured in the top 10 most searched for CEOs on the site. So what’s going so drastically wrong in their call centres that customers feel the need to complain directly to the most senior Directors?

We think it’s fair to assume these 4 things might be to blame:

1. Call waiting times

If you’ve got a complaint to make, you don’t want to be kept on hold in a queue for half an hour. Often, if you’ve got a problem with the service you’re receiving, you need it resolving fast so you can keep your business running, and your customers happy.

At XLN, we’ll answer your call within 3 rings. That’s our promise to you. No waiting around.

2. Robots

Sometimes you just need to speak to a real life human being so you can explain exactly what your issue is. Punching in numbers on your handset to be put into the right queue for the right department is infuriating.

That’s why we’ve got a huge team of trained and friendly call centre staff who are passionate about resolving your issue. No robots.

3. Re-directing between departments

You’ve finally got through to a real person after queuing for almost an hour, and you’re at your wits’ end. Just when you’re about to finish explaining your problem, the call handler says he or she needs to put you through to another team who can better handle your complaint.

Count to 10. Take some deep breaths.

We promise to never let you get lost in the system. Our call centre staff won’t pass you around from department to department. They’ll stick with you until your problem is resolved.

4. Overseas call centres

As a UK business, sometimes you just want to speak to someone here in the UK who can quickly resolve the issue for you. A lot of the big companies offshore their call centre facilities to far away countries.

At XLN we believe that the most reliable and effective way of providing customer service is by investing in a UK-based call centre. So we decided to open a state-of-the-art customer call centre in Sheffield. Right here in the UK.

What our customers say

Sounds like we’re blowing our own trumpet, doesn’t it?

Don’t just take our word for it – check out what our customers are saying about us on TrustPilot:

To find out more about our commitments to small businesses and the quality of service you can expect from us, go to our website:

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