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How Covid-19 is fast-tracking digital change

Small businesses are embracing change during the pandemic

In some ways, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the world. But in other ways, it has merely sped up changes that were already happening. And the digitisation of businesses of every shape and size is an excellent example.

Pre-covid, the pace of digital change varied. For all the talk of digital change, hundreds of thousands of UK businesses still only accepted cash, for example.

Now, digital has become critical.

From remote working to hygiene friendly payments

It quickly became clear as coronavirus spread that working remotely was essential. And suddenly it dawned on the country that without digital infrastructure, it wasn’t possible.

There’s no shame if you weren’t ready, by the way. Some of the biggest businesses in the world were caught short. But over time it’s become the norm, with all of us learning video call etiquette we never thought we’d need.

The investment in digital software and systems to make remote working has been staggering – and it keeps on growing.

Meanwhile, businesses who hadn’t invested seriously in selling online suddenly found they had no choice. Small businesses have started using online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay more – or have taken their first steps into building their own ecommerce platforms. And much like with remote working, they’re seeing the benefits too.

Elsewhere, even the most hardened cash-only stores are reluctantly opening up to the joys of electronic payments. After all, contactless really is the most Covid-proof way of taking payment.

The floodgates are open

Whether you’ve done your food shopping online for the first time or enjoyed a Zoom quiz; set up an eBay shop or started taking card payments; chances are you’ll have seen the pace of digital change increase with your own eyes. And the consensus is that there’s no going back.

As a small business, that means it’s the right time to get prepared for the future. After all, the pandemic has shown what happens when your business isn’t ready for change. Just ask Primark, a retailer that was thriving before coronavirus but refused to sell online. Now, they face a very uncertain future.

This is an opportunity to get ready for whatever the future holds – and it’s something we can help with at XLN.

If you’re interested in a phone system that’s entirely digital, letting you work from anywhere and add multiple users easily, check out XLN Cloud Voice. It’s been chosen by small businesses during the pandemic because it’s a fast and affordable way of adapting to changing times.

To find out more, click here.

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