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How to change or cancel a BT phone and broadband package

A quick and simple guide for anyone trying to cancel a BT contract

Small businesses have to keep every penny they spend under close scrutiny. But by sticking with BT – or any other corporate giant – you don’t always get the best deal, and you definitely don’t get the best service. So, when the time comes to leave BT, here’s how you change to a new provider, or cancel your contract completely.

Changing to a new phone and broadband provider

Firstly, check your current contract to see that you’ve completed your minimum term. BT is likely to charge you if you haven’t, but it’s worth remembering that the savings you’ll make may well justify paying a penalty charge.

Most business broadband and phone line providers, including BT and XLN, use the Openreach telecoms network and will be able to change your phone and broadband at no extra cost. Just choose your provider and tariff, contact them, and they will cancel your existing contract on your behalf.

If however you are moving from BT to a separate cable network (for example, Virgin Media), you will unfortunately have to cancel the contract yourself.

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30 days to switch after a price increase – with no cancellation fees

BT recently announced another round of price hikes, which is bad news if you’re one of its phone, broadband or fibre customers. But if you’re willing to switch, the price increase is a great chance to do so without paying extra for the privilege.

As a BT customer, you’ll be given a minimum of 30 days’ notice of the price increase, and you’ll have a 30-day window within which you can switch providers without paying any cancellation penalties.

If you miss your penalty-free switching window, cancellation fees will be calculated by the remaining amount up to the end of your minimum period (roughly 82% of your remaining monthly charges), so you have to be quick off the mark when BT get in touch.

Cancelling your BT package

You’re probably tied in to a 12 or 24-month contract if you’re with BT, so check carefully before cancelling.

There’s no way of doing this online so you’ll need to call them on 0800 783 1401. Or, if you don’t like the idea of being on hold, you can write them a letter confirming your intention to cancel. Either way, you’ll need your account number handy.

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