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How to choose the best broadband plan for your business

Use our guide to help choose the right broadband package for your business.

With so many business broadband packages to choose from, knowing which one is best for your business can be more than a little confusing. Do you need super-fast Fibre? An all-inclusive plan complete with mobile data? Or just a basic phone and broadband plan? Don’t worry – we’re here to remove all those question marks and help you on your way to the right choice for your small business.

How much will you use the web?

Choosing the right broadband plan isn’t just a case of looking at the speed and cost. You also need to consider how much you’ll use the internet day-to-day. If you’ll only be using it for things like checking emails and web browsing then your best bet is to go for a standard package like our Basix. That way, you’ll get what you need and pay only for that – and never any more.

If, on the other hand, you’ll be running your entire business online, opt for a broadband package that gives you a larger download allowance and faster speeds, like our Business Fibre plan. This gives you super-fast download speeds and includes phone line as standard. Don’t worry if you’re already on an entry level plan and need a bit more, though; we’re happy to upgrade you.

What kind of broadband do you need?

The stage at which your business is at and the budget that you have to work with will be two major determining factors in your choice of broadband. Most start-up businesses will find standard ADSL sufficient, but if your premises are located in a rural area or you work in the technology sector then you might want to consider cable or fibre connections for the best broadband speeds.

If you need fast broadband, Business Fibre is the best option available to you. Fibre from XLN gives you download speeds that are up to twice as fast as our standard broadband, and upload speeds that are a whopping ten times faster. It all depends on your business, your requirements, and your dependence on the internet.

For more help choosing the right broadband package for your business, use our handy tool

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