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How to keep your premises Covid-safe

A small business guide to meeting required standards

With non-essential shops opening and hospitality venues allowed to serve people outdoors, small businesses are once again gearing up to do business in a Covid-friendly manner.

But what exactly are the key things small businesses must do to operate safely?

Here’s a broad guide to creating a Covid-safe place to welcome back your employees and customers…

Carry out a risk assessment

The government has advised that any business with five or more employees has to carry out a Covid-19 risk assessment.

Essentially, this means working out what could cause the virus to spread within your workplace, and taking steps to eliminate any risks.

Provide hand sanitising facilities

Nothing new here, but you must ensure that employees and customers have easy access to hand washing and hand sanitising facilities.

Two metre markers and till barriers

As is now familiar, businesses will need to have some signage to help enforce the two-metre rule. Plexiglass barriers at tills are also encouraged, though not necessarily mandatory.

Control numbers

Depending on the size and layout of your premises, controlling customer and employee numbers is vital.

Consider queue management outside your premises, and be clear about how many people can safely occupy your space at one time. Stagger employee shifts and try to restock shelves when you’re closed to reduce the chance of overcrowding.

Offer contactless payments

It’s really important to allow your customers to pay by contactless card or mobile pay. This not only reduces the chance of transmission but potentially allows you to take payments wherever the customer is sitting or standing – which helps to avoid customers bunching up together.

We offer affordable Covid-friendly card payment systems with contactless functionality exclusively for small businesses through XLN Payments.

Conduct a regular deep clean

As often as you can, conduct a deep clean of your entire premises. There simply is no better way of keeping your premises safe and Covid-proof.

Communicate clearly

Whatever type of business you run, the most powerful thing you can do is to communicate your Covid guidelines, both to employees and customers.

This will not only ensure that everyone understands what your approach is and how it affects them, but it reassures them as employees or customers that you take their safety seriously.

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