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How to switch broadband provider

Switch your broadband provider and you can make huge savings on your monthly bills.

Every penny counts when you’re a small business, but time is always in short supply. As a result, SMEs typically stay with telecom giants like BT, despite getting no value-for-money and consistently poor service. But switching is really very easy, and this short guide briefly solves any confusion you might have.

Can I leave my current provider?

You can switch providers whenever you like but you should take a look at your current contract to see if you’ve completed the minimum term. If you’re not sure, give your provider a call. If you’re still under contract, you might have to pay a hefty cancellation fee if you leave early.

If you’ve gone beyond your minimum contract period, your provider will try a variety of tricks to convince you to stay. If it’s a better deal, that’s worth considering, but the devil is in the detail – you’ll probably notice that any discounts will run out after a few months.

I’ve found the right new provider, now what?

When you’ve tracked down the right deal, find out exactly what you’re signing up for, and the length of contract. Ask for a broadband speed estimate for your address, if a router is included in your tariff, and check connection charges, along with the total monthly cost, including hidden charges like line rental.

Will the new provider take care of my switch?

If you’re switching between providers who use the Openreach telecoms network – such as SKY, BT, TalkTalk and Plusnet – your new provider will take care of the whole transfer for you. They’ll tell your old provider you’d like to move. Then you’ll get notification letters from your new and old providers explaining what’s going on, when the transfer will happen and any early termination charges you may have to pay.

Do I need to contact my existing provider?

If your switch is to or from a cable network provider, such as Virgin Media, you may need to cancel your contract with your current provider and arrange a new telephone line to use broadband with your new provider.

Then your existing provider will let you know your contract is ending (and tell you about any charges associated with it). And you’ll get a new contract from your new provider telling you when your contract is due to start.

Will I have to pay a termination charge for switching?

Most don’t, but some providers do charge an exit fee. You’ll be told about that once the switching process is in motion. You’re free to cancel the switch then if you want to.

What happens to my telephone line rental?

The terms and conditions of some providers do say that, if you want to transfer your broadband over, you’ll have to switch your phone over too. Most of the time, you will always save money by having your phone and broadband with the same provider.

Any other switching tips?

Be firm. Don’t let the salesperson for your old provider talk you around. If you’re unhappy with your current provider, stick to your guns and find someone else.

Where can I switch broadband provider?

If you’re looking for better value on your broadband package, check out our latest broadband deals here  or call 0808 278 0040. Unlike BT, we’ll answer within 3 rings, and you won’t be talking to a robot. Plus, you’ll probably save around 40% by switching. Now that’s a call worth making.

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