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Refurbished mobiles and SIM-only deals on rise

Savvy UK customers are buying refurbished smartphones in ever increasing numbers

New research has revealed that UK consumers are increaisngly eager to buy pre-owned mobile phones and to operate them on cheaper contracts.

Around 60% of customers surveyed by CCS Insight said they are now actively considering buying a refurbished smartphone.

Less cost; less waste

With handset prices, especially among the newest and most innovative devices, firmly on the rise, customers are starting to turn away from buying new. But the question of sustainability is playing its part also – customers are recognising that they will not only lower their costs by refusing to buy a new handset, but lower their footprint too.

Experts have cited other factors that are influencing these changes too. Firstly, the growth of the SIM-only market is making it more competitive and therefore more cost-effective than ever before. This is especially true for businesses who are buying multiple contracts.

Secondly, the residual value of handsets is increasing – which means even old handsets are retaining their value and helping customers to trade in or refurbish themselves.

With business and consumer pressure to be more sutainable increasing, this feels like a trend that’s set to continue. And with some high-profile brands like Carphone Warehouse recently announcing a significant drop in new mobile sales, we can expect the market to change over the coming years.

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