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Switching to XLN

Switching to XLN for your business services is simple. Just follow these handy tips.

Ready to switch to XLN for your phone, broadband, or card processing supply? You’ll probably be surprised by how simple it is. Follow these straightforward steps and you’ll be saving money on your monthly bills in no time.

Phone and Broadband

Firstly, check your current contract to see that you’ve completed your minimum term and can leave without penalty charges – normally, you can leave for free.

Most of the time, we can switch your phone to XLN at no extra cost and without needing to visit. But now and again, an engineer will need to pop in to install a new line.

It won’t take any longer than 14 days to get you up and running, but we always try to do it much quicker than that. And a standard new line installation costs £48.

As for broadband, assuming you have a phone line installed, there’s nothing to it. You’ll always save more money by moving your phone across with your broadband, but we can supply a broadband-only tariff too. Just choose your package, call us, and we’ll do the rest – including contacting your existing supplier to close your account.

Card processing

Switching card processing services to XLN is even easier.

We will contact your existing supplier (once again, check your current contract for termination charges), and can get you going in as little as 24 hours.

If you choose a countertop or portable machine for your business, we’ll set you up via your phone or internet connection depending on your preference and circumstances. And if you need a completely mobile terminal, we’ll include a roaming SIM card that works with a wide range of mobile networks.

Above all, if you have any doubts about how to switch to XLN, just call us on 0800 783 3353. We’ll answer within three rings (we’re not into robots and red tape), and we can talk you through the whole, simple process.

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